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Weeks Eight and Nine

1.       Oak gall ink is

a.       an ink derived from boiling the leaves of oak or other deciduous trees

b.      an ink made by mixing a solution of tannic acids with ferrous sulphate

c.       a solution of oak tree sap, guano, and spittle that’s most often used on a black or dark colored support material

d.      an ink that’s used only when trees are mentioned

2.       Ox gall is

a.       a heraldic charge and attitude, literally “an Ox, horrified.”

b.      a liquid that helps slow the drying process for watercolor paint

c.       a substance that’s used in the application of gold leaf to a ground

d.      the symbol for the evangelist Luke, as seen frequently in Celtic manuscripts

3.       Overpainting is

a.       the finished painting that’s executed over a drawing or preliminary painting

b.      spending so much time on a painting that it becomes overworked and muddy looking

c.       a method used by left-handed painters to hold their brushes in such a way as to avoid smearing their previous work

d.      what Michelangelo did when he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

4.       Parchment is

a.       any writing support material

b.       a type of porridge that was denied to medieval scribes when they failed to meet their daily quota of pages copied

c.       the period pigment that most closely resembles human skin tones

d.      a term that’s often used generically to denote any animal skin that’s been prepared to receive writing

What is a cherub or putto?
a) an Italian curse word

b) a nude infant, usually with wings

c) a cherry flavored rub

d) any children shown in manuscripts

What is a diaper pattern?
a) repetitive pattern painted on horse tacking

b) the pattern printed on Pampers

c) the pattern painted on leggings

d) a repetitive geometric pattern

What is a dip pen?
a) a pen holder in which a nib can be fitted

b) a platter for holing assorted dips together

c) a pen that uses ink cartridges

d) a pen that can be dipped into paint

What is drollery?
a) an amusing figure

b) a pun

c) a childish troll

d) a bad joke



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