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Current Royalty: TRMs Gareth Kincaid and Juliana Delamere

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Week Thirteen

1. A tint is

a. a leather medieval container for nibs

b. a shade of a particular color

c. a color that has white added to it, creating a lighter color

d. a color that has been darkened

2. Tone is

a. how you feel when the cat knocks over your water container

b. what you love about your favorite song

c. how your legs feel after Pennsic

d. the brightness of a color

3. Gum Sandarac is

a. a nasty skin disease, curable

b. a chewing gum eaten in the deserts of Iraq

c. Element used to pounce vellum or paper to absorb excessive moisture prior to calligraphy

d. A tree that grow in central Florida

4. Pen Flourished Initial

a. an ornamental initial characterized by abstract, rhythmic patterns, usually drawn in red or blue ink

b. an ornamental initial with black ink cadels

c. an initial with floral designs inside the negative spaces

d. an initial with white work applied with a pen


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