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Current Royalty: TRMs Timothy and Gabrielle

Announcement from Mistress Antoinette and Lady Shirin:

Greetings unto the Scribes of Aethelmearc!
As we look to our future, we pay homage to the past and would like to thank Baroness Alexandra for her service as Kingdom Signet to the scribes of Aethelmearc.
We are so excited as we embark on this adventure together, with you, the Scribes of Aethelmearc. We would like to introduce our Scribal Team: Mistress Liadhain- Our Educational Deputy, Mistress Graidhne- Our Backlog Deputy, Mistress Roberta- Our Fundraising Deputy, Mistress Cori and Mistress Sthurrim- Our Special Projects Deputies, Soon – to – be- Mistress, Julianna Rosalia Dolce DiSiena- our WebGoddess. Please introduce yourself or say hello when you see us at an event- a member of the Scribal Team will be present at every Royal Progress event.
If you saw Antoinette at Coronation, she was passing out nifty hand cast pewter pins to Our scribes. Lady Shirin provided the drawing of our Kingdom Scribal heraldry and Lady Edana the Red got to work carving the soapstone to cast them. Along the bottom edge there are little loops where a scribe might attach a pretty charm or bead given to them as a gift from the Royals for painting a scroll for their Court. Scribing is by nature a solitary act, the pins will help us to identify each other as scribes, wear your pin with pride.
There will be an emphasis on education during our term in office, mundanely-we both have degrees in Art Education. Expect more Scribal workshops, mini lessons and classes popping up all over the Kingdom- stay tuned.
Mistress Liadhain is our Aethelmearc Scribal Pennsic Dean and she is making magic with a Brand Spanking New Beginner Tract, lots of Calligraphy classes, a repeat of the Armenian workshop (by request) and More! If you want to learn a new skill or learn the techniques needed to complete a scroll based on a style you love, drop us a line, we are here to help you. Groups willing to host regional Scriptoriums, tell us what you are up to, we want to know where these functions are happening so we can support, help and visit you when possible. Post Pennsic workshops to include but are not limited to Visconti in Thescorre (August) and Celtic in ACG (October). Remember each time you attend a workshop your name is entered in a drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate to Paper and Ink Arts.
Speaking of prizes, we have another contest starting soon on the Aethelscribes Yahoo egroup in 3 weeks which gives you enough time to join that egroup if you are not currently a subscriber. It is a Survey Monkey Art Quiz, we want you to google the topic and search for the answers, the person who answer the most answers correctly will win a prize as will each person who takes every quiz. C’mon guys, we do have 4 teachers on staff, you had to have known there would be a quiz!
Known World Heralds and Scribes will be happening in Knoxville, Tennessee – if you have never been to a Known World event, here is the perfect opportunity for you. There will be a group of scribes from Aethelmearc in attendance, will you be one of them?
Assignments. If you are interested in an assignment, please send us an email at AESignet AT gmail DOT com. You will receive a template, please take a few minutes to complete it as we will use this information to update Our Scribal database. We plan to match Scribe’s skills to assignments and scribal preference’s. If you would like to paint a scroll for someone specific, let us know on the template. If you would love a scroll painted by a certain scribe, put it on the template. We will take your requests seriously and whenever possible accommodate folks. If you haven’t scribed in a while but are thinking about getting back into it, please reach out to us, we can support and ease you back in at your own pace.
When you receive an assignment, an email will be sent to you with all of the particulars that you need and also a permission to post photos of your work on social media and our website. We hope to have enough photographs by early summer to add a rolling gallery to the Kingdom Signet webpage. Scribes are a special breed of artist in Our Society and we are so proud of each and every one of you. We claim bragging rights!
In service,
Mistress Antoinette de la Croix and Lady Shirin of Susa



If you are an active scribe, please contact the Sylvan Signets to receive Kingdom assignments.


This site has information about the scribes within our Kingdom, Signet Policies and our reference guide aka the "Red Book".

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