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Current Royalty: TRMs Sven Gunnarsson and Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin

(Their preferred titles are 'King and Queen')

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Weeks Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty

Week 18

1. Oak Gall
a) A tree with an attitude problem
b) A byproduct of your gall bladder
c) The ground up cap of an oak acorn
d) A wasp larva house attached to a tree until the wasp hatches.

2. Over Painting
a) Layering paints to create an extensive color range
b) Fed up with painting and just can’t do it anymore
c) Painting outside the lines
d) Painting beyond your limit

3. Ox Gall
a) Material that comes from the ground up gallbladder of an Ox
b) Water based paint retarder
c) A soup your grandma makes when you have a cold/flu
d) A laundry detergent booster

4. Metal Gall Ink
a) Norway’s Number one heavy metal band
b) Base for metalic paints
c) Tannic acid, ferrous sulphate and gum arabic
d) A neon bright ink color

Week 19

1. Carpet Page
a) The design used on Persian carpets
b) Front page of “Rug World” catalogue
c) Decorated page with artwork that covers entire page
d) A scroll tapestry

2. Celtic
a) A basketball team in Boston
b) A tiny infectious bug
c) “Irish themed”
d) Iron age people occupying Central and Western Europe

3. Chalk
a) Calx lime
b) Stuff you put around the bathtub to prevent leaking
c) Man’s Pub
d) Solidified milk

4. Carolingian
a) Coming from 2 states on the eastern coast
b) Style of music sung at Christmas time
c) Relating to the Frankish Dynasty
d) North or South Carolina native

Week 20

1. Bestiary
a) a perversion recognized by the church
b) Medieval guide to the zoo
c) List of the best roast beast recipes
d) Reliquaries owned by the church

2. Binding Agent
a) A servant to the King who specializes in binding offendors
b) Hemp rope
c) Spray to keep your paint thin
d) The adhesive that makes paint stick to the paper, vellum, pergamenta

3. Brush
a) Hair tamer.
b) Touching another person as you walk by them.
c) Made of boar hair
d) A tool used to apply paint to the surface

4. Fugative
a) Likely to evaporate, fade or disappear over time
b) Escapee
c) A famous Harrison Ford movie
d) Ink that bleeds/spreads


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