Here is a sampling of motifs for trading cards.
These are scaled to 2×3″, so they should print the correct size.

These are only a small selection of what is out there;
please don’t hesitate to use our links page to find more.



bed-1-200x300    twins-200x300

wheel-200x300    three-part-200x300

shells-200x300    sheep-200x300 


celtic-bird-200x300    camel-200x300

centaur-200x300    dragon-rose-200x300

D-200x300    duckquack-200x300

dragonfly-200x300    exotic-bird-200x300

flower-bird-200x300    fish-200x300

fourway-200x300    grim-reaper-200x300

grinch-200x300    hog-200x300

hawk-with-leopard-200x300    jewel-knots-200x300

Kalila-va-dimna-200x300    lion-room-200x300

lady-200x300    lion-200x300

M-200x300    lupine-200x300

Pelerinage-de-vie-humaine-200x300    persian-door-200x300

plate-1-200x300    prayer-200x300

quilt2-200x300    quilt-200x300

rus-200x300    rooster-200x300

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