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Dick Blick Art Materials

Earth Pigments

Guild of Limners

Hyatt’s Arts Supplies

Jerry’s Artarama

John Neal Bookseller

L.A. Gold Leaf Wholesaler

Paper and Ink Arts


Utrecht Art Supplies


SCA – Reckoning Society Calendar Dates

SCA – List of Alternate Titles

Baroness Eleanore of Grey – Scroll Blank line art

Late English Medieval Scribes

The Scriptorium – Resources for Writing SCA award scrolls

Baron Caleb Reynolds – Scroll Blank line art

Compendum Caidis – Opening Phrases for Scroll Wording

An Index of Puzzle Initials in the British Library Online

Book of Traceable Heraldic Art

Resources and Articles from Æ Scribal Facebook Page

The Mystery of a Medieval Blue Ink Has Been Solved

The Anatomy of Viking Art

British National Archives
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British Library Manuacript Search

Arhontia Karakosta Iconography

New York Academy of Medicine: Color Our Collections

Kiev Psalter

Manuscript Miniatures

Flaps, Volvelles, and Vellum in Pre-Modern Movable Manuscript and Print


Ladies in Plating

Manuscript Art – Perspective tag

The Voynich Manuscript with Lisa Fagin Davis

A history of the 16th century Peresopnytsia Gospels

Illuminators’ Materials and Techniques in Fourteenth-Century English Manuscripts

16-well portable palette with a silicon seal

Investigation of pigments in medieval manuscripts by micro Raman spectroscopy and total reflection X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry

Religious Practice and Experimental Book Production: Text and Image in an Alternative Layman’s “Book of Hours” in Print and Manuscript

A Brief History of Musical Notation from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

Dirty Books: Quantifying Patterns of Use in Medieval Manuscripts Using a Densitometer

Colour Theory, Optics and Manuscript Illumination’, in COLOUR: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts

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